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Garden of Allah Book Cover

"It’s not easy to find an editor who checks all the boxes: professional, authoritative, conscientious, trustworthy, and dependable, as well as the other myriad of qualities that make a first-class editor. But Jen McIntyre is all that and more. When I send her my manuscripts, I know they are in capable hands, and that she’ll return them to me polished and publish-ready."

—Martin Turnbull, author of the Hollywood’s Garden of Allah novels

Dirty Laundry Book Cover

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. The book [is out] now and doing really well. Really good reviews as well, so thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you. You have been brilliant."

Lethal Storm Book Cover

"Jennifer edited my first book, Deadly Storm, and she was an absolute joy to work with throughout the process. She not only provided thoughtful comments, but tirelessly offered explanations and advice on even the smallest details. A skilled editor with a keen eye, she is meticulous at finding errors, but delivers all feedback with tact and sensitivity while respecting the author’s vision. Her wonderful sense of humour immediately put this nervous writer at ease, all while providing me a safe and supportive environment in which to learn. I was so happy with the experience that I have enlisted her help with my second novel. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for an editor, as I can’t imagine publishing anything without her guidance."

—P.L. Pinch, author of the

PI Mackenzie Storm murder mystery series

Connor Callahan mystery series

"Jennifer is always a pleasure to work with. She is conscientious and thoughtful about her edits. I look forward to working with her for many years in the future."

—Reagan Keeter, author of the

Connor Callahan mystery thriller series

Harry Fox book covers

"Without Jennifer, my novels wouldn't be what they are. Her insightful guidance and light touch are the unspoken hero of the stories, helping me identify what's working as well as what's not by using her decades of experience to bring out the best in my writing. Jennifer never changes my voice, but adds to it in a subtle way like the secret seasoning in your family recipes. Add in that she is a fantastic person and consummate professional, and you have a world-class editor I cannot recommend highly enough."

Dead Spy, Cold Grave book cover

"Jennifer is a remarkably talented editor. She’s deft and quick at adapting to your writing style; she’s absolutely thorough and easy to work with. Can’t recommend her highly enough."

—Michael J. Goodspeed, author of

Dead Spy, Cold Grave

How We Rise book cover

"I loved going through all the edits you've made to my book! Your comments are always wonderful, and you point out so much that I can't believe I missed. Your edits are always so lovely to read through, so I just wanted to shoot you a message to tell you that everything looks wonderful and that you always do such an amazing job!"

The Sandman book cover

"Sterling edit — extremely thorough and excellent sense of humour to boot. Highly recommended."

—Mark Dawson, author of the bestselling

John Milton, Atticus Priest, and Beatrix Rose series

Cult, A Love Story book cover

"Thank you SO much for everything you do. I can’t express how much I appreciate how your input and editorial changes take my books to the next level. The fact that you are invested enough in the story to make suggestions where they are needed means so much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

—Alexandra Amor, author of the

Freddie Lark mystery series and Cult, A Love Story

First Citizen book cover

"A big thank-you to Jen McIntyre for her outstanding edits of my thriller novels. Her sharp-eyed copy editing and well-developed sense of story and character helped shape my manuscripts into polished genre fiction. Jen is a real pro, and was a delight to work with. I greatly appreciated her encouragement and humor. Always positive, always vigilant. I highly recommend her to all authors, particularly those just starting out. Brava!"

—Rick Bosworth, author of

First Citizen and the Frank Luce thriller series

Mizia book cover

"My editing journey with Jennifer was everything and more than I could ask for. She motivated me and guided me while providing edits that perfected my writing. Her edits are strong, concise, and beyond useful. I will forever be grateful for all of her help, and for being a kind and rational voice through the wild ride that is writing."

—Sierra Peca, author of


The Final Fury book cover

What do I say about the most amazing editor, not to mention person, I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. Jennifer has the eyes of an eagle, catching both the biggest blunders and the tiniest of errors. She is meticulous and exceptionally thorough, unearthing mistakes even my editing software missed.

Her task was a daunting one: to edit the third book in a series she knew nothing about. Thankfully, she accepted the challenge and dug in, not only doing a superb job of editing Book 3 but also taking the time to read through Books 1 and 2 to get a feel for my characters and writing style.

I would guess there are very few editors so committed to their authors and their words.

I will be forever in her debt, and plan on singing her praises to anyone who will listen (and even to those who won’t!). Bravo, Jen McIntyre! You have found yourself a lifelong client!

—Quinn Noll, author of

The Shadow Sisters Trilogy

The Blood Race book cover

"Jen has worked with me for years on my novels and seen me through an entire series. Her work is so thorough, personal, and professional – but beyond that, Jen is an amazing and thoughtful guide in helping authors better find and understand their own unique voices. Working with her is truly an experience that will help you take your writing to the next level! She is truly remarkable, and I recommend her to all my fellow writers!"

—K.A. Emmons, author of

The Blood Race fantasy series

"My heartfelt thanks to Jen McIntyre for the conscientious and meticulous copyediting of The Charm Buyers. I deeply appreciate all her careful, painstaking, and sensitive work on my manuscript!"

"It was a delight working through your notes. Easiest ‘checking of edits’ I’ve done in years. Answered all your comments with YUP. Thanks for tightening. Me = very happy author!"

"Thank you, Jennifer! Your editorial changes and remarks were very helpful. I am so appreciative."

"Thanks so much, Jennifer. What a privilege it is to have someone as talented as you going through my book and working your magic on it — amazing!"

—Rebecca Boxall, author,

Christmas at the Vicarage

"Thank you very much for all your hard work on Murder by Umbrella. Because of your editing, my book reads so much better. You’re an awesome editor."

—Jaye Rothman, author of the

Nikki Sinclair spy thriller series

"Thank you, Jennifer, for helping me make my book the very best it could be."

—Victoria Connelly, author,

The Rose Girls

"Jennifer is a very conscientious and aware editor, inquiring to ensure her editing style will best suit the end reader – in this case, a series of ebooks for preschoolers! She works with the transcript in any format provided, and delivers on time."

—Sasha Boersma, games producer, Sticky Brain Studios

"Your copyediting comments on the manuscript often really made me laugh, as well as feel infinitely more confident about it…. It was lovely that you ‘got it’ so well. I’d like to buy you a drink sometime!"

—Louise Voss, author,

The Venus Trap

"Just a quick note to thank you for doing the copy edits for my book. I know you get paid and everything, but it’s good to work with someone with such a friendly and professional manner— it was a pleasure going through that manuscript again."

—Ed James, author,


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